SALUTE 2012 - “How disappointment tracks the steps of hope”

SALUTE. I have read about it for years. It is the biggest wargames show in the UK. I have never attended. My friends are going for the fifth(?) year in a row, while Fate has dealt me an unfortunate hand: though I was planning last summer on attending in 2012, I shall miss out again this year.

The cairn marking my buried hopes,
in a wasteland of whatever
the antithesis of fun is comprised of.

My friends have promised to pick up some items for me, and that helps a little. I just wish that I were going with them. I am left with only nerd-dreams of bumping into my painting heroes in person like Martin Robson,
Ioannis Mavromichalis, Toby Thornton, David Imrie,... and then heading over to visit the Perry and Empress stands to talk shop and pick up some Napoleonic and Colonial troops... and maybe have a chance to view or, dare I say, even command troops in a 1,000+ figure table-top battle...

Ah, well. There's always next year...


  1. I've just come back from Salute. It was great being there, and catching up with old friends, but I didn't feel that the games (with a few remarkable exceptions) were as impressive as in previous years. It was as big as ever, though, lots of people and lots of money changing hands!

    Cheers, Simon

    1. Simon - That is great that you were able to attend. I am sorry that the games were not up to par. I would like to see some of the really big ones. If I had gone I would have been one of the people purchasing more lead and plastic... as if I need more! - Jeff

  2. Sorry you missed it.

    It is the only downside to living in Australia. Well that and having Julia Gillard as our PM :-P

    1. A & C - Does Australia have any good wargaming conventions? The US has Historicon, but that is more about playing games as opposed to purchasing stuff (from what I have heard). I live in San Diego, CA and there are not too many wargaming conventions nearby that focus on historical miniatures. - Jeff


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