Flames of War: Test Figure - Early War German

Here is the first one out! I have to say that it is much better than I was expecting. There is definite improvement over what I did two years ago (scroll down and look at a previous post). Now I know that this figure isn't a sculpt of an Early War German, but this is what I had on hand and the goal of it is primarily for color choice and placement for a forthcoming project.

Pros: Most of the colors are more smoothly applied. The colors are brighter which makes the figure show up better. The non-metallic metal looks very clean. The insignia on the collar, helmet and breast look really good!

Cons: Some shadows are not well defined (water bottle and breadbag). The highlight on the leather pouches is too bright (it should be darker with a thin line highlight). The flesh jump from mid-tone to highlight is too dramatic. Some highlights/shadows are not on the proper places.

Please give me feedback on color choices, paint placement, etc. in the comments.
Sidenote: My beautiful wife is taking her hobby to the next level. Have a look!


  1. Looking good - nothing wrong with the colours you've chosen. Non metallic metal looks about right. Painting insignia on 15mm really makes them pop. Kudos.

    Don't get too hung up on the leather/skin highlights. They look quite stark in the photos, but from a couple feet away I'm sure they're fine!

    Btw, is the NMM just light grey on black, or are there a couple more shades in there?

    1. Vladdd309 - Thanks for the props! I have found that since I did the FoW figures two years ago I am much better at doing detail work so the insignia is pretty straightforward.

      You are correct, the NMM is just Vallejo Black Grey 168 with line highlights of Pale Grey Blue 153. There isn't a midtone on that. I also used 153 on the belt buckle. It is a good silver color.

      I didn't use too many paint triads... I only did it on the face, coat, pants and gun stock. I chose a bad midtone on the pants... you can't even see it as it is too close to the highlight.


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