What Does Your Army Say About You?

While browsing the always excellent From the Warp blog, I ran across a post that wrote about staying motivated to keep painting. It was at an associated site and it brought up a number of good ideas.
The one point that stuck with me was this: "Whether or not your army is painted says a lot about you as a person." How true. Do you have the dedication, patience, desire and to see a project through to completion? Do you finish what you start? What do you have to show for the money that you have dropped into your hobby?

I normally paint in small batches, but I recently read that painting in larger batches is more rewarding (and faster, and makes your units look more cohesive, etc.) so I decided that the last of my nine Games Workshop Genestealers for Space Hulk will be painted in one group. I normally paint 2-4 at a time, so this will be interesting for me. I am not looking forward to grinding through the blue line highlights at all! I am excited to get these Genestealers to the finish line and then begin on the Terminators.


  1. Nice blog. I'm curious about how you are going to handle the FOW figs with the white undercoat. Can you describe the method in brief?

    1. Good morning Ron! Briefly, I am planning on trying two test figures, both of which follow a similar concept.

      WarpainterBrother (WPB) and Ruben over at HeresyBrush both champion the idea of lighter colors with clean transitions. No washes will be used over large areas as they dull colors.

      So, unlike my previous attempt at FoW figures, I will be using a white undercoat and choosing lighter colors from Vallejo to make the figures stand out a bit more. I will go into exact colors picked and their placement in a future post.

      Thanks for reading my blog!


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