Happy New Year!

Happy (belated) New Year! With the beginning of 2012 thoughts turn to things that were done over the past year and projects to begin and complete this year. Last year was a success on a number of fronts.
  • Largest number of miniatures painted
  • Most Craft Days attended
  • Most games played

That will be hard to top. But this year is filled with promise! I am going to be focusing in on two key areas this year: 28mm Napoleonics (French and Austrian) as well as 15mm Flames of War (Early War Germans and British). I also have two secondary goals. The first is to finish up my Games Workshop Space Hulk figures. The second is to support either of Michael's or Will's (my two Craft Day cohorts) projects... to an extent.

Colonial British 28mm painting is a worthy project to put effort into. But you can keep those overpriced Games Workshop tanks to yourself.