Victrix Austrians - First Stand Ready for Flock

This is the stand dried and ready for flocking. The colors are poor in this shot as I took it late at night under incandescent light and I neglected to make the necessary adjustments on my camera.

For the gravel painting I use a modified color scheme cribbed from Artmaster. It starts with GW Scorched Brown over everything (except feet and coir), then GW Macharius Solar Orange with a dry/wet brush, followed by Foundry Orange C with a true drybrush, then Foundry Base Sand C for the final drybrush highlights. You can't tell from this picture, but the ground has the appearance of rich, fertile soil, which I like. I'll post final pictures of the finished stand soon!


  1. Looking really good. I'm working on a bunch of bases myself. Your work is inspiring. Best, Dean

  2. DeanM - Thanks! By the time I get to the point of basing I am very excited to finish. I have to balance the urge to finish the base with the urge to make a super-miniaturized world. This is a pretty good compromise. Best of luck on your basing!


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