Victrix Austrians - First Stand in Progress

The work is progressing quickly with the Austrians. My base size for these troops will be 45x60mm with eight figures on each base. Each of the three sticks has three figures Blu-Tacked to it so I have nine to choose from. That's the beauty of using this technique: painting an extra figure or two is no big deal.

I am partially done with the highlights on these figures. You can see the one that is finished second from the right. I still need to do the gold, black, blue, white belting and white cloth. I have not had much time this week to work on them... maybe thirty minutes one day and an hour the next. Each time I come back to them (and before I start with the highlighting) I always do a quick look to see if there is any shadow that needs darkening with the Games Workshop brown or black inks. That seems to be helping the dip in a few areas such as the underside of creases/belts as well as cuffs and where the arms meet the body.


  1. Thank you! The final highlights went very quickly with these Austrians. - Jeff


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