Victrix Austrians - First Stand Gravel Glued

The spackle took about two hours to dry. My next step is to add the gravel to the base. I paint on a 1:1 mixture of Elmer's White Glue and water to the base, taking care not to get it on the legs of the troopers. Then I dunk the whole base in Games Workshop's gravel. It is mostly small textured sand with a few reasonably sized pebbles in there.

I only leave it in the gravel for ten seconds or so, then I remove it and tap off the excess. At that time I also use an X-Acto knife to flick any gravel off of legs, bushes, etc. where it might have accidentally ended up. I let it dry to the touch and then begin to paint all of the gravel with some slightly watered down Games Workshop Scorched Brown. I am halfway done painting in the above photo. Next up is the drybrushing of three more colors and then the base will get flocked.


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