Victrix Austrians - First One Done

Here is the first one finished with the highlights and final touches. I am very happy with the way he turned out! He looks tough... like he is ready to storm the granary at Essling!

My biggest challenge on this figure was how I was going to successfully differentiate between the straps and the cloth. Both are white, but they needed to be distinct from each other. I tried a few ideas out, but the best one was to highlight the straps in pure white and highlight the cloth with an almost-white. In this case I used Boneyard C which is a very light cream color that leans toward yellow. That yellow tint was important as it had to be warm, otherwise it would have clashed with the brown dip shadows.

Admittedly the figure does look a little dirty. But you can see in the above photo when you compare the highlighted figure on the right versus the untouched figure on the left that using the Boneyard has lightened the cloth a great deal. When I do subsequent figures I will probably use more Boneyard in the highlight and that will eliminate the some of the dirty tan color.

Highlights were done with Flesh C, Terracotta 37C on the lower lip, Spearpoint 35C for the metals and washed with GW's Badab Black wash, Ochre 4C for the plumage (which needs a better contrast... next time I will use a darker base color), Burning Gold 44A washed with GW's Devlan Mud brown wash, the White/Sky Blue C (2:1) mix, and the mid and light Foundry colors in the Black triad. I hit a few creases with some GW wash as well (you can see it on the gap between the hand and the cuff) where I felt that things could be just a bit darker.


  1. The figure looks great, the belts do really stand out over the white uniform, very nicely done Sir!!

  2. Ray - Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it. I am really enjoying experimenting with the AP Quickshade. It does allow one to crank out troops and, with some judicious highlighting, produce very good looking troops. - Jeff

  3. Very nice effect and a clever use of different 'whites'.


  4. Looks very good, AP and similar are really good for rolling out battalions.

    Is it just me, or are these Victrix minis a little short in the leg, or long in the torso?


  5. Very nice work, and just what I intend to do to my Austrians after purchasing them in two weeks at "Crisis 2011" in Antwerp. It already worked very well with my British.
    I agree with the "a little short in the leg".
    cheers Thomas

  6. Good work on keeping those whites separate, it works very well with the yellow/blue spot colours.

    I think they'll look great en masse!

  7. Jeff - absolutely fantastic stuff - gosh you might tempt me into a new sub-period of Napoleonics! Bumped into your blog care of Michael Davis - fantastic work. I hope you don't mind but I have used a lower res version of one of your photos above in a post about and a link to these lovely looking Austrians from my blog Cheers, John.

  8. "Is it just me, or are these Victrix minis a little short in the leg, or long in the torso?"

    "I agree with the "a little short in the leg"."

    Likely just an optical illusion with the knee high boots & black on white effect...

  9. Matt - Thanks for the kudos. It was tricky sorting out the whites. I am pleased how they turned out.

    Simon - Yes, AP really gets the troops out quickly!

    Thomas - I don't know about the leg length. They look pretty good next to Perry's figures!

    John - Thanks for linking me in. I appreciate it!


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