Victrix Austrians - Early Stages

Here are a few of the Austrians in the early stages of painting.

I normally remove miniatures from the priming sticks before I start on them (or prime them on the bottle caps without using a stick at all), but I didn't have enough bottle caps available when it was time to get started painting during Craft Day. I went with white primer as 80% of the figure is white. The Foundry Flesh B is on there along with black for the boots and gaiters.

I want to differentiate between the white cloth and white belting. I might highlight the cloth with a cream color (Foundry Sand? Linen?) and do the belting with the pure white after the painted on Army Painter dip.


  1. Following with interest... I used AP dip on some white coated French and they went rather too brown for my tastes. Might be worth experimenting with sealing the undercoat with Klear, or something, before putting on the AP?

    I've always wanted an Austrian army, just because I could dream of mostly painting them with a spray can of white.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Simon - I am concerned about the brown tone as well, but when I looked at the Victrix box painting you can't deny that they have brown shading in the creases! Ha ha!

    So, I'll start with the AP QS Strong Tone (brown) and see what happens. I think that when I do my highlights the brown won't be as apparent.

    But these are the first ones out and if they don't work out... well... that's what the rear ranks are for, right?

    - Jeff

  3. Good luck Jeff, fingers crossed! Can't wait to see the results.


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