Army Painter Dip - 2nd Battalion Planning

I am planning on quickly finishing up the 2nd Battalion. The third and fourth companies are finished. I wasn't paying attention and I painted up more Grenadiers (G) than I actually needed. Now I have 8 when I only need three. I just primed the line figures (1,1,2,2), the Voltigeurs and the drummer. Now I am left with the Of from stand one and the SM, FA and CB for the command stand.

As you can see below, I have many Perry metal figures to choose from. I just don't know which ones to use. Instead of the officer figure in the first/Grenadier stand, I could use a sapper figure. But I did that on the first battalion. It looks good, but do I want to do it again? I have the 2nd Battalion flag from GMB, so I will be using that.

I have line infantry officers advancing (Perry FN22) as well as Perry's FN5 Infantry Regimental Command (Eagle bearer, 2 Eagle guards, officer, drummer and sapper) as well as Perry's FN6 Infantry Battalion Command (2 officers, 2 Fanion bearers and 2 drummers). I also have a pack of Perry NCOs as well.

It will take me a day or two to paint, dip and highlight the other figures. Feel free to chime in with any advice in comments.