Soapbox: Letting Others Play

It was my birthday this past Memorial Day weekend and my wife and I had some people over to our house. Whenever I get to the painting station during the house tour I always wonder what the reaction will be from the onlookers. Amazement? Amusement? Boredom?

One thing always happens: the adults want to look, and the kids want to paint! I was ready for them. Hannah, age 10, begged me to let her do some work on my figures. She was thrilled at the chance. So, I let her. She did the basecoats for the backpacks and blanket rolls for four figures. In addition, she did the bayonet scabbard from start to finish (all three colors)!

She made me promise that if I sold them, that I would let the buyer know that she helped me. When she finished she proclaimed that, "I want to do this when I grow up!" I don't know how her parents felt about that, but I thought that it was pretty cool. Don't be afraid to introduce people to painting miniatures. Let them paint on your figures. Give them one when they are done. I think that Hannah did a great job and I am very happy that I let her try her hand at our fun hobby.


  1. Those are looking very fine, Jeff!

  2. Thanks! I haven't been able to pick up a brush for over a week, so there hasn't been any progress. But I should get going again in the next day or two.


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