Sidenote: Conflict of Heroes

I promise I won't make a habit of posting about non-miniature related stuff, but six months ago I ran across this game and I thought that it was good enough to share! "Conflict of Heroes" is a wonderful WWII strategy game! It's as if you took Avalon Hill's "Squad Leader" and updated it, made it easier to learn and still kept its depth of strategy. Oh, and also made the over-sized counters and map boards look beautiful!

Although the pretty counters and boards initially hooked me, what got me to put down my money was the gameplay. It is easy to learn the basics. The innovative turn structure means that you are NEVER waiting around for your turn. You get to react to your opponent's every maneuver. Or you can choose not to react and hold your moves until later! Will you be able to wait out your opponent and attack their forces unimpeded at the end of the round, or will you be forced to spend your precious command action points to blunt their attack? Will you defend and soak up their attack and gather your resources for a stunning counter-punch, or will you stream forward, blitzkrieg-style with lightning strikes and force your opponent to react to you?

Can the German Tiger rescue the immobilized Panzer from the marauding Soviet T-70s and T-34s?

My friends and I have played a number of the well thought out scenarios from the book and we have enjoyed every match. I have some Flames of War StuG models and I just picked up a can of FoW War Paint - German Armour on my last trip to Game Empire. Maybe I should paint a few up and dust them with my Vallejo pigments. They would be just the thing to decorate the edge of the map board. Thanks for indulging me! I promise to post a progress report in the next few days to show where I am at on my Perry Miniatures French battalion.