Army Painter Dip - 2nd Stand

Here we go with the second stand. The figures have been painted, dipped, highlighted and are awaiting matte varnish and basing.

They were undercoated with a a spray of Armory gray primer.

Next they were painted with Foundry: Flesh B, Scarlet B, White, Dusky Flesh B, Spearshaft B, Tan B, Sky Blue A, Bay Brown B, Storm Blue C, Ochre B, Moss B, Royal Purple B, Rawhide B, and Granite C. Black was also used to undercoat all metal areas.

Then they were dipped.

Finally they were highlighted with Foundry Flesh C, White, Spearpoint C, Burning Gold B, and Royal Purple C. The lower lip got a touch of Terracotta. The silver metal bits were also given a coat of Games Workshop Badab Black wash to tone them down. The faces and some folds were also touched with GW Devlan Mud wash (mouth, eyes, etc.) to give them a bit more definition.


  1. This is very timely! I'll be starting my first Perry Naps, next week.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Simon -

    Best of luck with those!

    I am finding that the more that I do, the better the finished model looks. It is just like anything else, right? Stick to lighter colors and you will get a good result.

  3. Are they still taking you an hour each? I only ask because I have 480 to paint. ;-)

  4. Simon -

    Good question! Nope, the time is drastically shorter now that I am not so hesitant with my color choices and am unafraid to really slop the paint on the troops. I don't even thin it down like I do when I use my normal 3 stage technique!

    Four hundred and eighty figures?!? Dang! That is a lot! You are very ambitious. I am so new to seriously painting Napoleonic figures that I wouldn't know where to start with that many. I am taking it slowly and basing them GdB style as described on JC's blog:

    Reading your comment makes me think that I should make my goal a little bigger!

    - Jeff

  5. I think the Perrys represent an excellent opportunity to put massed forces on a table (cheap + simple to paint), so I want to have large units and plenty of them! I will have to compromise on detail, somewhat, to achieve this, and will buy and add minis from eBay.

    That blog is very interesting. Did he put down many unit organisations? I could only see a couple of sheets. They are very much along the lines of what I want, around 6 stands of 6 to a battalion.


  6. Simon -

    I agree with you about the opportunity that the Perry miniatures offer.

    Yes, JC's blog has a BUNCH of sheets. Go to the archive and select March. There are 45 posts and he did a ton that month.

    - Jeff


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