Second Stand Nears Completion

Here are the Perry Plastic figures for the second stand of my First Battalion of French Line Infantry. No, they don’t have sunburns! Only the basecoat of Terracotta has been applied. The faces always look a bit goofy before the other colors go on. Unlike the first stand, I am trying a different style on these figures. Dallimore’s “Master Class” book uses black around the eyes and a Terracotta basecoat (instead of the Spearshaft B that I normally use). After reading his book I was inspired to try it. We’ll see how it turns out.

One other note: that back figure’s pants look like I spilled white all over them when they actually just have a touch of sunlight from a nearby window. I took a quick picture with my cellphone camera, so the quality isn’t up to par.

The shade hue has been blocked in for all of the colors and a few colors have been their triads completed. I should finish up the white highlights this evening and then I will do a few quick and easy midtones and highlights before starting in on the flesh. Maybe the Bay Brown bayonet scabbards or the scarlet cuffs and piping?

I hope to have these figures varnished and based by the end of this weekend.