3rd Company, 1er Battalion of 100er Regiment d' Infantry de Ligne

This is the first stand that I just finished. Overall I thought that it turned out pretty well. I shot this picture with my iPhone and I thought it looked good enough to post.

As usual, I used the Foundry Paints to avoid any fussing with paint mixing. I think that the faces look good and I have received positive comments on the pom-poms as well. I am very happy with the basing: I used a Litko wood base, Games Workshop sand, coir for the dead plant, the Artmaster sequence of colors for drybrushing and finally some drybrushed Silfor for the grass tufts. I might try to add a little bit more green to the base, either with some flocking or possibly more Silfor tufts. We'll see.

The Pebeo Matte Varnish pooled on me a bit (you can see it on the rightmost figure’s eye) and that was my fault. I used it undiluted and I ought to have mixed it with a little distilled water with a ration of 2 parts varnish to 1 part water. My other mistake was that I was so excited to begin basing that I hot glued the figures to the base before I varnished them. Oops. So I just varnished them on the base, which made it tricky to watch for pooling. Luckily the pooled varnish comes out with the tip of a new Xacto blade carefully inserted into the center of the pool. It just lifts right out. I have fixed a number of spots since this photo was taken.

I based them for Lasalle/General de Brigade and I am already at work on the next set of five figures for the next stand!