The Secret Project™

The Secret Project™ may now be revealed! I have been working surreptitiously on a small job for my friend Will. He wanted to give a figure from the Anglo/Zulu Wars (a character featured in the movie “Zulu”) to his father Michael for Father’s Day. The model is based on Pvt. Hitch who took a bullet in his right arm during the defense of Rorke’s Drift and valiantly took up a pistol in his left to fight the rest of the battle.

The figure is from a Wargames Factory Colonial Firing Line box. I crafted the sling out of green stuff. As I didn’t have a pistol, I created one from filing down one of the rifles and gluing it in the general position of a pistol. In addition, I cut and rotated the left hand to the proper position and added two blobs of green stuff to the sides of the pistol to simulate the chamber. I was kind of worried about how it would look, but I think that it turned out pretty well!

Will told me that after he took possession of it the head popped off and he had to glue it back on. We think that it was accidentally crushed in the plastic egg that I used for transport. The glue he used for repair altered the colors around the collar and his chin. You can’t really see it in real life, but it shows when the figure is blown up 4x its normal size. Will also did the basing and had a plaque manufactured with Hitch’s name on it. I think he did a good job!

All paints were Foundry and I used their 3-Step method, with the exception of the face which started out with Spearshaft midtone before the usual 3-Step Flesh. I am happier with the hands on this figure as I used more mid-tone coverage. On the flip side when I saw the pix of the figure I was surprised at how much Spearshaft was still showing on the face. I normally try to cover most of it. Once again, I think that it is more noticeable at 4x the size. I also think that I need to pay more attention to cleaning the model of dust and basing sand before taking its picture. Live and learn. On the bright side, the Golden Acrylic Flow Release that I use is great and I love my Winsor Newton Series 7 Miniature brushes!