Finished - Wargames Factory British Colonial Trooper

Finished! My Wargames Factory British Colonial figure (aka Pvt. Osborne) is done.

It took a little longer than expected. Most of the time was spent researching the proper colors to paint the bags and straps. I am sure that when Michael critiques my work I will have to touch up a few spots… add white piping here and subtract some there. He will have some color corrections for me as well. Ha ha! The next ones will go much faster.

All of the paints were Foundry except for the silver. My silver shade, mid and highlight all looked the same out of the pots (probably due to settling and my not shaking them enough). It was late at night and I was a bit sleepy. I accidentally ended up painting everything the bright silver highlight. Oops. Despairing that it looked ridiculously bright, I grabbed my pot of Citadel Wash Badab Black and hit it with a coat… and then a quick second coat. I love it! It turned out perfectly! Oily steel never looked so good. And it was faster than the 3-Step style.

I am very pleased with the overall look of him! The dark blue pants worked out well, and I am happy with the face. I also think that using Foundry Canvas for the helmet was a good choice. The tight highlights on the helmet, green cuffs and pants really make the colors pop! As soon as I figure out which ruleset I am going to use I will get him on an appropriate base.