Colonial British plastics have now captured my attention. I have not forgotten about the Perry Napoleonics (as a matter of fact, I went to Brookhurst Hobbies and picked up a box of Perry British two weeks ago), but for the past week or so I have been consumed by the Wargames Factory’s British Colonial Firing Line. I watched “Zulu” with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. One thing lead to another… and now plans are in the works for the recreation of Rorke’s Drift with 100+ British and over 600 Zulus! My friends Michael, Will and I are working together on this. This picture is of my first Colonial, halfway done.

I used Foundry paints again. The face and whiskers are done as well as the hands. Everything else has had the shade coats applied. I am not too happy with the pupils... I should have used a darker brown. Also, the hands came out a little too bony. More mid-tone coverage will fix that on future figures.