ASOIAF Lannister Guardsmen - Base Colors Applied

Here are the Lannister Guardsmen in progress. I am applying the base colors to the different miniatures. I am roughly following a speed painting method I saw on YouTube.

ASOIAF Lannister Guardsment SquadPainter VGC Basecoat Speed Painting Tutorial

I started with spraying them with Vallejo Game Color 11 Gory Red thinned in my airbrush. Then I painted the boots and gloves a charcoal color. Next was a chocolate brown for belts, pouches, scabbards, and straps. A black/brown was used for the inside of the shield. I used AP Gun Metal straight onto the silver bits… without a black undercoat! Next was AP Greedy Gold on the gold bits. The hair is an orangey brown. 

The skin is AP Kobold Skin. I really like that color. It seems just right: not too peachy, not too light. It’s hard to mix using VGC, so it is one of my exceptions to my “Only Use VGC” rule. I try to stick to VGC because otherwise I'll purchase every pot of paint under the sun.

Army Painter to Vallejo Game Color Equivalents

Here are my Army Painter (AP) to Vallejo Game Color (VGC) recipes. They aren't exact, but they are close enough to get the job done. Remember: value does the work, color gets the credit!

  • Vampire Red = VGC 11 Gory Red
  • Necromancer Cloak = VGC 50 Cold Gray +155 Heavy Charcoal
  • Dirt Spatter = VGC 44 Dark Fleshtone +154 Heavy Sienna
  • Oak Brown = VGC 45 Charred Brown
  • Kobold Skin = I like this color so I’m using the AP color… I couldn’t figure out how to easily VGC match it
  • Pure Red = VGC 10 Bloody Red
  • Castle Grey = VGC 50 Cold Gray
  • Leather Brown Highlights = VGC 61 Khaki

Next up: washing the red/brown/gold with AP Strong Tone and washing black/silver with AP Dark Tone!