GW Nuln Oil Gloss - Review and Tutorial

Games Worshop's Nuln Oil Gloss Wash is science, but it works like magic. I almost feel embarrassed referring to this post as a "tutorial" because it is so straightforward that I don't feel as if I am imparting arcane knowledge or showing some unheard of techniques.
GW 6mm Epic Squat Gyrocopter proxy Khazari Valkyrie Transports Nuln Oil Gloss
I first heard about this elixir from watching a video which likens using Nuln Oil Gloss to cheating. Ha ha! It is kind of like cheating. My first trial with the wash was on my Squat Gyrocopter proxies: a squadron of Khazari Valkyrie Transports. As I looked as the plainly basecoated fliers, I was reminded of my concerns right before I applied Army Painter Quickshade to my French Napoleonic infantry, specifically that I was wondering how this product could possibly elevate this plainly painted model to something that I'd be proud to have on the tabletop.

Then I applied the wash and let it dry. Uh, wow. I was blown away! Look at the difference between my test model and the pre-washed model behind it. It is incredible.
Epic Squat Gyrocopter proxy Khazari Valkyrie Transports Nuln Oil Tutorial
 After the wash I took a little bit of the thinned base colors and quickly hit the higher areas to brighten them up a bit (gray, yellow, red, blue, and white). I didn't touch the metallics as I thought that they were perfect. Then I took a light gray watercolor pencil and ran it along a few edges.

The qualities that separate this wash from the other GW washes are in its ability to flow into the crevices AND leave little to no trace on the flat surfaces. It also defies gravity in that it doesn't pool as much their other washes; it sticks to the high creases and doesn't run into the lower bits. Look at the blue windows. The top point has the same amount of black lining as the bottom. That's amazing! I'll have to use it on my WW2 armor as well.
Khazari Valkyrie Transports Nuln Oil wash Tutorial Epic Squat Gyrocopter proxy Games Workshop 6mm
There is only one downside: it dries shiny. But that is what Testors Dullcoate is for, right? It is a small price to pay for such an amazing product. I want to try out the brown next. Has anyone else found this wash to be as useful as I have?


  1. I am going to have to try this. It seems like my homemade wash mix (future/black ink/matte sealer) but comes ready to go from the pot, which is a distinct advantage!

    Have you used the flat Nuln Oil?

  2. Lasgunpacker,

    I have used the Nuln Oil Flat, and the Gloss is a completely different experience. The Flat leaves more of a residue and it doesn't flow and bind to the creases as well as the Gloss does.

    I heartily recommend trying out the Gloss. Be very careful when you purchase it. Make sure that it says Gloss on it. I almost screwed up and purchased the Flat on accident.

    Thanks for the comment!


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