Epic Squat Berserker Squad

Here is the latest squad of troops that I have completed for NetEpic / Space Marine Epic. These Squat Berserkers painted up pretty quickly.
Games Workshop Epic Squats Berserkers Silfor Mossy Tufts
My brush control is improving. The beard around the mouth is nicely picked out. The face sculpt is good and helps a lot. I was able to get a highlight on some of the beards too. In addition, the quilted tunic has a bright highlight on it. The guns are undercoated black with Vallejo Model Air Steel picking out the raised edges, leaving black in the creases. I may have washed them with Nuln Oil to knock the shine back a bit.
GW Squats Epic NetEpic Silflor Mossy Tufts beach sand basing Berserkers
The brown Silflor Mossy Tufts continue to be ideal foliage for this scale. The green bushes are tiny bits of Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage. A little goes a long way.

Next up: the virtues of Games Workshop Nuln Oil Gloss