X-Wing Miniatures Game - Ball and Gimbal Modification

A group of my friends are deep into Fantasy Flight's wildly popular Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. They have custom painted miniatures, starfield playmats, and variant models purchased from Shapeways. Will even went so far as to download and print out the fan-created campaign system Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Magnet stand mount Custom Miniature
All photos courtesy of Steve from Leave No Model Unconverted

I regularly receive emailed battle reports from Steve after their games and as I peruse their latest exploits I can't help but to be impressed by their array of miniatures. Specifically, the way they are mounted on ball and gimbal magnets!
 FF Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Magnet ball and gimbel Y-Wing
Look at the way they appear to bank and swoop and turn. It is a simple modification, but it adds so much to the spectacle. Look at that Y-Wing banking after scoring a kill. That's beautiful!
Fantasy Flight X-Wing Miniatures Game Magnet K&J Magnetics ball and gimbel TIE Fighter
Steve (of Leave No Model Unconverted fame) ordered the magnets from K&J Magnetics and did the work. I am somewhat hesitant to do any alteration to prepainted models, but I think that most would agree that these magnets are a welcome upgrade. What do you think?