UM Models BA-10 - Completed!

I have more good news! I have finished up my UM Models Soviet BA-10 model. It turned out far better than I hoped it would. It is such a neat little model; it is filled with character!

UM Models Soviet BA-10 Battlegroup Kursk 1/72
The scratches look really good! I love them! I like the headlights as well.

UM Models Soviet BA-10 Battlegroup Kursk 1/72
The oil drips turned out very nice. It did get a little dustier than I was expecting with the MIG pigments. I am still figuring out how to use them.

UM Models Soviet BA-10 Battlegroup Kursk 1/72
Even with the Microsol and Microset, the darn crappy decals from UM would not sit flat. Ugh. I even varnished the spot ahead of time. There are little water rings around them now and they still don't sit flat. Oh well. It isn't very noticeable on the tabletop. But I'd love to know a trick for getting them to lie flat after they are on there.

UM Models Soviet BA-10 Battlegroup Kursk 1/72
It was a good project to work on and it exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot working on the kit. I think it is going to look great on the table for my Battlegroup Kursk games!


  1. Nice model, even with you transfer issue still looks fine.

    1. Colonel Hertford - Thanks! It will look good on the table. I'm still learning how to paint up armor. It is only my fourth attempt at building something like this... so I am still blundering about trying to find my way.

      But, I am learning a lot and I hope that each model is better than my last. Thank you again for the comment!

      - Jeff


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