Blood Bowl - a Passing Fancy?

Last year I became interested in fantasy football. Not the boring kind where you have to watch the NFL and root for improbable outcomes ("I hope he intercepts the ball and runs it back, then trips on the one yard line") but instead the intellectually stimulating variety... with painted miniatures!

Mantic's DreadBall was my first look into the myriad of options. I liked it. I liked it a lot. But, after a bit, I thought that it looked like it was a little too easy to score. I was looking for something with a bit more depth tactically, and rightly or wrongly I decided that DreadBall wouldn't do it for me. Then I surveyed Slaughterball, Kaosball, and others. Each fell short of something.

Suddenly I had an epiphany: why not check out the venerable Blood Bowl? It has been around for ever. It must be a good game to have survived for so long. So I did. It looked deep enough strategy-wise to make me happy. So I then surveyed the cost of entry.

The rules are free. Getting a set with the board and miniatures on Ebay sounded expensive, so I wondered if I could plan a cheap DIY project and make that work. I found a rolled up grass mat in my miniatures bin...
(Don't worry, historical miniature aficionados, I'll get back to the good stuff soon enough.)


  1. if international or if in the UK. You don't need to buy the games, the rule book is free to download and all else can be bought. is the ruling organisation

  2. Phil - Hey, thanks for the links! Comixininos is an amazingly complete site with all sorts of fun Blood Bowl minis, bits and bobs to buy. Willy's certainly makes nice looking miniatures and I love the sculpting (and prices) of Black Scorpion's teams; their Orcs and Skaven are fantastic!

    - Jeff

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