Independence Day - Commands & Colors Defeat

On July 4th the family and I had the pleasure of being hosted in Laguna Niguel at my friend Michael's home. We picked up Will on the way up. Of course, any time we get together it is more than likely that a wargame will show its face. While the other revelers were chatting about current events, we decided to revisit the past.

Here we are at the start of the game. Notice that Michael and I (and James) are happy.

This is because we have not been thrashed at the hands of William... again. He always seems to have our number. It was a decisive victory for him. We decided to refuse the right flank and focus on the left. Will smashed the left and then charged forward into the heights on the right and rolled up that side as well. What a shambles!

Thank goodness there was food and fireworks to lift Michael's and my spirits. We'll fight again another day!


  1. Jeff, very nice to see a posting from you, and a pasting for us! But I believe revenge was had recently....

  2. Please show a picture to prove it.


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