PSC - Russian T-70 Tank Airbrush & Detailing

After assembly I sprayed the tank with Armoury Black Primer. Then I airbrushed on a 1:1 mix of Tamiya Thinner and Tamiya NATO Green. I sprayed from the top-down and left some black in the recesses.

Then I mixed up a lighter green which was an even mix of Tamiya Yellow Green XF-4 mixed with Flat Green XF-5. Then that was thinned 1:1 with Tamiya Thinner and sprayed onto the center of the panels, leaving the NATO Green in the recesses and edges. The green looks a little bright in the pictures, but it is more subtle in person. I think that it will hit the right balance that I am looking for: light enough to be seen on a game table, but not so light that it looks cartoonish.

Next I pin washed with 12:1 Vallejo Thinner and Vallejo German Camo Black Brown into all of the creases and on each rivet. It sounds tiresome, but I actually enjoyed it!

I painted small rectangles of Vallejo Gloss where the decals were to be placed. You can still see them in the pictures here. I am assuming that will go away when I hit the whole model with Vallejo Matt at the end. 

Then I used MicroSet to release the decal from the carrier. It took about 30 seconds. While that was happening, I painted a wet coat of MicroSet onto the gloss to ready it for the forthcoming decal. I used a brush to tease the decal off the backer and onto the model. After it was further teased into place with the brush, I used a corner of a paper towel to remove the excess MicroSet. Next I put a drop of MicroSol directly on top of the decal to finish it off. The decals were a little bumpy when wet, but now that they are dry they are dead flat. Perfect!

Next up: another coat of gloss to cover/protect the decal, paint the details, drybrush the edges, matt varnish then weathering and pigments!


  1. Excellent! I think I will try your base coat of black technique on my next model... They are going to look fantastic when weathered.

    1. Stephen - I hope so. I haven't really weathered anything before so a lot of this will be a learning exercise for me. - Jeff


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