Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian Infantry - Games Workshop Paints Used

Here are the paint recipes that I used to paint the World War II Soviet Infantry using the Base-Dip-Highlight technique. As regular readers know, I am trying to utilize a limited palette of only 13 Games Workshop Citadel paints when I do my work now. On this project I did cheat a bit by spray priming the figures with Tamiya color!

All mixes are 1:1 unless otherwise noted. A "(t)" means that a trace of paint was added. For instance, the Flesh color that I use is White + Tau Light Ochre + Evil Sunz Scarlet(t). The trace of ESS makes what would be a light tan color into a warmer flesh color. A (t)(t) means that two traces were added. Easy!

Using only 13 pots of paint keeps my desk tidy, allows more money to be spent on models, and also allows me to learn about color mixing. It is amazing what you can get with just a few colors. You have complete control of all of your shades and highlights.

  • Jacket - Initial Spray Prime of Tamiya Dark Yellow TS-3
  • Helmet - KB + TLO
  • Bedroll (tan) - SB + AGB + White(t)
  • Bedroll (blue) - KB + White
  • Pants - KG + SB + White(t)(t)
  • Boots and Metal - Black
  • Metal Highlight - #2 Pencil
  • Webbing - TLO + KB(t)(t)(t)
  • Belt / Y Strap - SB + DB
  • Gun Holster and Leather Bag - DB 2:1 Black
  • Shoulder Bag - White + TLO(t) + AGB(t)
  • Flesh - White + TLO + ESS(t)
  • Flesh Highlight - White 2:1 TLO + ESS(t)
  • Lip - White 2:1 WR
  • Hair - Black or DB
  • Collar Piping - WR
  • Hat Star - ESS
  • Grenade Wood / Gun Stock / Spade Handle - FGY + DB
  • Grenade Metal - DB

LEGEND - White Scar, Abbadon Black, Flash Gitz Yellow, Yriel Yellow, Tau Light Ochre, Skrag Brown, Doombull Brown, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wazdakka Red, Altdorf Guard Blue, Kantor Blue, Teclis Blue, Kabalite Green 


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    You are a great resource for the gaming/painting community. Thank you!

    1. Michael - Thanks! Are you trying to butter me up before the Conflict of Heroes game this weekend so I'll go easy on you? Ha ha! - Jeff

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