Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian Infantry - Part Five: Basing Woes

Uh-oh. I hit the first big stumble on this project. I have a New Rule: Don't use hot glue when affixing figures to pennies... they only stay glued on until a random time during the basing process and then they pop off.

The photo above shows the progress from English penny to primed penny, to superglued and filler, and finally to gravel applied (ignore the clear blobs of superglue on the last figure... that was an accident that will be rectified). Next up is painting and detailing the base, matt varnishing and then we are done!

Live and learn! Superglue from here on out for these figures!


  1. They are looking good though. I avoided the whole quandary about using coins (the Scot in me wouldn't let me use money as bases!) and I bought some black plastic game counters. They don't have the weigh of coins but I can use them guilt free - and they are already black. :)

  2. I use super glue all the time, for everything; works every time - great minis BTW

  3. Stephen - Counters are a good way to go. For my SYW figures I use wooden Litko bases with hot glue and they are great. This is my first time using pennies or washers or whatever and I didn't realize that hot glue wouldn't hold them well enough.

    Monty - Up until this point hot glue was great as it held well for basing and gaming, but was easy to remove for rebasing. When I had used superglue with the wooden bases, some of the wood would come off, etc. But, for this application, superglue is the answer. Thanks for the kind words about the figures. Today I put the final touches on one (flesh highlight, lip, metal, varnish and based) and it looks really good! I'll post pictures soon.


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