Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian Infantry - Part Three: Pre Army Painter Dip

Here we are at the awkward phase of the painting process. All 57 Soviet WWII figures have been base-coated with their respective colors and they look... boring! Ha ha! They are so flat and lifeless at this stage. When I do my Foundry method painting when the base colors are on you get that neat black-lining effect. In preparation for the Army Painter Dip they just look sort of monochromatic. As my grandma would say: "They are a dull thud."

The good news is that this painting is going at a record pace! I can't believe that I am only a few steps away from having 57 completed soldiers. I have done all colors except for black metal. I am planning on taking a page out of the armor builder's book. The metal bits will be painted black and then lightly rubbed on with a #2 (HB) pencil. I tested a figure out doing this and it looked like dark, oily steel. Perfect!

Whenever I am at this part I have misgivings. Did I just waste all of that painting time? Will I brush too much Army Painter Dip on? Will I screw it up? Well, just like G. Michael says: "You've gotta have faith (faith faith f-faith-faith)."

It is time to get stuck in. Here we go!...


  1. Oh this will be interesting - I have never seen this dip stuff before! Good luck!

  2. Stephen - Thanks for the well-wishes! I'll have the results up soon. Normally when I do this there is an amazing transformation for the better!


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