Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian Infantry - Part Two

After assembly, I quickly mounted them on some cardstock strips that I had nearby. I didn't have enough bottlecaps handy and I figured that I could paint them more quickly if I put them 4-up.

I stuck them on with little balls of Blue-Tac and then took them outside and sprayed them with Tamiya TS-3 Dark Yellow. That will be the base color of the jacket.

Although I cheated a by using the Tamiya spray, I am still trying to paint with only a few colors and easy mixing formulas using my 13 Games Workshop paints. I knew that the helmets are supposed to be a darker Russian Green, so I mixed Kantor Blue and Tau Light Ochre in a 1:1 ratio. That looked like a pretty good match.

I wanted to do the bedrolls in a chocolate brown and a subdued blue color. For the brown I used a 1:1 mix of Skrag Brown and Altdorf Guard Blue with a touch of white added to lighten it. For the blue I used a 1:1 mix of Kantor Blue and White. 

Whereas the browns and the yellows shouldn't change too much when the Army Painter Dip is applied, I am expecting the blue to change a lot. Even if the blue is too bright now, the Dip ought to tone it down. Next up are the trousers and boots!