Battlegroup Kursk - Soviet Affinity

I'll be honest: I was wrong. Upon purchasing Battlegroup Kursk I was thinking "Ugh, I have to paint the Soviets so that the far more interesting Germans have something to shoot at." But, as the days have passed and as I have been applying paint to the Soviet Rifle Platoon I have been exposed to the varied and eclectic items that their side brought to battle. I have to admit that I was wrong. The Soviet Army is fascinating! 

Look at this one! The BA-10 armored vehicle is pretty cool. I didn't know the Soviets had armor like that. Look at how funky it is. They just grabbed a bunch of pieces and stuck them together. I like it!

Check out this neat truck! It looks like it belongs in a Kansas cornfield in 1929. Fun stuff!

The SU-76 "Little Bitch", the railway variant BA-3, the propeller-powered snowmobile NKL-26 Aerosan, and the famous Katyusha are all wonderfully unique and full of character. I'm so pleased to have learned more about this amazing force. They are not just a foil for the Germans!


  1. I can not comment on the UM models 1:72nd scale models but I bought some of theor 1:48th scale models for wargaming and they are not the best pieces around. Fiddly to assemble and brittle plastic. In the end I had to leae some parts off and support others with hidden pieces of plasticard.

  2. DHC - I can't say good or bad things about them either as I have yet to purchase a UM kit yet. But I am looking forward to trying one or two of them. I like how they seem to have a lot of the eclectic Soviet pieces. But, then again, I am new to the scale so I am not familiar with many of the sources of these kits. For instance, I have zero knowledge of 1/72 resin kit manufacturers.

    As for fiddly bits breaking off, I am planning on mounting them on bases and I hope that will help. A number of people do that and I think that I might follow in their footsteps. You get detailed models that won't break, but the bases sometimes don't match their surroundings. It is a tradeoff.

    Thanks for the information on the UM models. I'll test a few out before I buy a bunch of them!


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