Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian Infantry - Part One

For regular readers of this blog wondering if I had taken leave of my senses this December with the posts and fervor devoted to tanks and armor instead of infantry figures, I offer this article as proof that I am, in fact, still me.

Battlegroup Kursk recommends playing an introductory scenario called Clash of Reconnaissance to acquaint new players to the rules. The German forces have a Grenadier Platoon with a PaK38, two armored cars and a Pz IV G tank. The Russians have a Rifle Platoon with an Anti-tank Rifle team, mortar team, an anti-tank gun, sniper/spotter team, an armored car, a T-70 light tank and a T-34 tank.

These seem like small, reasonable forces to get started with. Now, since I am the only one of my friends who is working in 20mm, I am in charge of both sides. I have some AB Miniatures Germans on the way from England, but I needed to find some Russian infantry to counter the invaders. A quick trip down to my local hobby store led me to boxes and boxes of 1/72 infantry. I had many choices for Russians: Zveda, Revell, Hasagawa... but I went with Plastic Soldier Company. 

I really like these models. They are well animated and have 19 different poses on each sprue. The only pose I really didn't like was the grenade thrower, but he was more than made up for by the other really neat poses: shouldering machine gun, running for cover, crouch firing, yelling, kneeling, etc. One thing that is great about this kit is that you can actually see some of the models through a plastic window on the box before you purchase it. That tells me that PSC is proud of what they are producing.


You get 57 figures for $18. That is one hell of a deal. This picture is of one assembled sprue (and you get three sprues in each box). Next up: priming and basecoating!