Battlegroup Kursk - Italeri Sd. Kfz. 11 & PAK 40

Uh-oh. I received my weekly email from The WarStore and I saw that it mentioned a new WWII ruleset called Battlegroup Kursk. After doing some research on it I quickly realized that I had to own it... as well as a few German armor pieces, some AB Figures, 6+ bottles of MIG Pigments... you get the idea.

I foolishly put the rules on my Christmas list, so now I have to wait for them. In the meantime I have done a bit of research and stumbled across a few experts across a number of forums. A gentleman named "Piers" on the GuildWargamers site has been extremely helpful with all of his posts about the game and modeling in 1/72 scale.

On impulse I went to a local hobby store to see if they might have something for me while I impatiently await my rulebook. As it turns out, they had a number of 1/72 scale models and with the help of a very knowledgable patron that I met while I was struggling to chose one, I picked the Sd. Kfz. 11 & PAK 40 box from Italeri. 

This is NOT a Flames of War model with 3-5 parts to glue together. Look at all of those pieces! There are individual treads! This is a serious model.

I have been having a great time with this kit. Michael thinks that I am crazy for starting a new scale (and he is probably right), but I thought that it would be fun to try something new. I have painted 6mm, 15mm and 28mm before. It is annoying painting insignia on 15mm Flames of War figures so 20mm might be a good plan. I'll take some more pictures along the way.


  1. Good start! Hope ya enjoy BGK!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's you! Ha ha! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your work on BGK! I have to tell you that it was your excellent paint work and photography that hooked me.

    I have been scouring the Guild boards trying to find your tutorials (excellent one on MIG Pigments!) and I haven't found on on the infantry yet. Did I miss it? Or have you done one yet?

  3. Very nice Jeff! You are always meticulous in the execution and it shows.

  4. Thanks Michael! I'm looking forward to finishing up the two models and getting some paint on them soon.


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