SYW Swiss Eptingen from Front Rank - First Base Done

Here is a quick shot of my first base of Seven Years War Swiss Eptingen regiment.

They are mounted on a 2x2" 3mm Litko wood base in anticipation of using them with the Maurice ruleset. The 2x2 size is perfect for these cuffed figures... they are much wider than comparable Napoleonic figures with their turnbacks and big cuffs. 

I really like the unpainted edges of these laser-cut bases. They give the figures an artistic quality that plastic and MDF can't measure up to. The figures have been hot-glued to the base and the filler and gravel have been applied. It still needs to be painted and flocked. I am holding off on finishing it because I may swap out a figure on this base with another that I am painting. Is it bad to be re-basing before I am even finished?


  1. I really like these. Terrific stuff, and they're good on the base.

  2. FMB - Thanks! So far, so good. Now I have to crank out 18 more. - Jeff

  3. They look fabulous - absolutely fantatistic how you paint them. I want to learn it at you.
    Well chosen colours and smart details. I am curious to see more of your work!

  4. Scheck - Thank you! I'm glad that you like them. Click on other posts to see test figures, completed stands as well as some tutorials on how I do the painting. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
    - Jeff


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