SYW Swiss Eptingen - Big Brush Painting

I knew that I needed to get started quickly on the remaining three bases of this regiment. As I was beginning to paint the remaining 18 figures, I pondered something that I have been practicing during my oil painting classes: starting with a big brush and moving down to the smaller ones as the painting continues. I thought that I might try that to quickly get color on the figures and get cracking on this regiment!

Not only did I decide to use a larger brush, I also chose to use a brush that wasn't a typical round! I used a Privateer Press Small Flat brush for the job. As you can see it is huge, even when compared to a Citadel Large brush. 

The paint went on very quickly and (for the most part) went where it was supposed to. After the first two figures I learned how to use the squared edges of the brush to cut in nicely on the detail. I am heartened when I look at the figures now. After a short period of painting time, I already have the gaiters painted and large chunks of their coats!


  1. Good idea, I mostly use my flat brushes or filberts for dry brush highlighting, don't have any that big though. I have enough trouble keeping the paint within the lines with smaller brushes.

  2. Dave - Flat or round, I like the idea of using big brushes to get the paint on quickly. I was also able to use that giant flat brush to paint the silver on the muskets! The flatness of the brush made it really easy to get a straight barrel-shape. I used the edge of the flat to do the little brackets that hold the barrel to the stock. Quick and easy! - Jeff


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