Citadel Paint Triads for SYW Swiss Eptingen

I have received a few requests for some of my Citadel paint triad formulas that I used on my Swiss Eptingen test figure so I thought that I would share a few of them.

Here is the shorthand that I use when I create my formulas. Anything with a circle around it is what the triad is used for. So the colors that are used for Flesh are the ones that are indicated by the lines leading from that circled word. Any mix ratios are assumed to be 1:1, unless otherwise specified. The only other item that needs definition is a "trace." A trace (indicated by the word "trace" or by a small encircled "T") is just what it sounds like. If I were to have a 1/2 inch circle of paint on my palette, a trace of color would be just the tip of my brush with the trace color added to that mix. It is much, much less than a drop. If there are multiple circled T's, then add more traces. Does that make sense? Okay, then here we go:

The Flesh is
  • Base - White 1:1 Skrag Brown + trace of Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Mid - White 1:1 Tau Light Ochre + trace of Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Highlight - White 2:1 Tau Light Ochre + trace of Evil Sunz Scarlet
In the flesh triad, you need the Scarlet to warm up the mix... but if you put too much in, it turns pink. The Scarlet paint overpowers most other colors so you hardly need to use any of it. That is where the concept of the trace comes in. You just require the merest hint of it.

The Red Coat is
  • Base - Evil Sunz Scarlet 1:1 Doombell Brown
  • Mid - Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Highlight - Evil Sunz Scarlet 1:1 Flash Gitz Yellow
The Yellow Lapels are
  • Base - Yriel Yellow 1:1 Tau Light Ochre
  • Mid - Yriel Yellow
  • Highlight - Flash Gitz Yellow
From the examples above you can go back to my previous post with the mix chart image and decipher the other triads that I used. I don't claim that these mixes are the only way to do things, nor do I state that they are the best ones out there. But, for someone who is trying to use a limited palette, they are a pretty good start. Get out a piece of paper and try them out for yourself. I found that traces of Kabalite Green added to the browns and yellow make amazingly rich khaki and drab colors. Experiment and have fun!