La Grande Expérience - Part II: Foundry Triad Paints & the Grid

So I now had my paints. What's next? I wanted to see what I had, so I decided to do a mixing grid. On that grid I would mix each color with each other at a 1:1 ratio in order to check how each color would work with each other. This is what came of it:

As you can see, I think that I did a pretty good job. The yellows, browns and blues work well with each other. You can see all sorts of interesting creams and greens being generated. However, there is a lot of mud when you look at the reds and the blues, which tells me that something is off. Perhaps my second red isn't close enough to violet? Are my blues good enough? I'm not sure yet. I'm holding off doing anything about it right now.

So I had my basics, but I needed to generate my triads. Instead of trying to start from scratch, I would try to follow what I already had. I took out the Foundry triads, and applied them all to paper. 

There are a few triads that are better than others. Their reds are questionable at best (the mid and highlights on scarlet can barely be discerned from each other) so I will be trying to improve on their selections.

So, now I have my targets (Foundry triads) and my starting eleven paints (plus white and black to tint) and my excellent Raphael brushes. All I need is a new project, one that is filled with colorful, highly detailed uniforms...