Crusader Miniatures SYW Prussian Fusiliers & Musketeers

When I first decided to start collecting Seven Years War figures, I asked Michael and Ioannis which manufacturers did the best job on the period. I was surprised to hear that it depended on the faction! I wanted to get started with Prussians and (after it was determined that I like the "chunky" style of sculpting, ergo no Minden figures) they both unhesitatingly said, "Early Foundry and Crusader!"
Since "Early Foundry" are difficult for a new person like me to discern and locate, I opted for Crusader Miniatures. As luck would have it, they were having a sale. Yes! Instead of only ordering a unit of Fusiliers, I opted to get some Musketeers as well.
My package arrived today in the post and I love these miniatures! The casting looks good. There isn't too much flash. The belting stands off from the figure. The proportions are fine. The buttons are well defined and will be easy to paint. The best part of all is that each pack of eight has troops marching in different poses! Some are yelling, some arms are bent a bit more than others... there is just enough animation to keep things interesting.

I am completely thrilled with Crusader Minatures! I can hardly wait to get more!


  1. They look good - they look like they'd match style-wise with Front Rank. Not sure of the size though. Best, Dean

  2. Dean - You bring up a good point. Tell you what... I'll take some side-by-side shots of Crusader and Front Rank miniatures and post them up. - Jeff

  3. From what I understand guys they will hang together reasonably well, very interested to see what your mug will tell us. I'll be able to compare them to some mug shots I have recently taken and posted. - Dave

  4. Dave - I have the FR French with turnbacks that I'll shoot next to the CM Musketeer. Both have tricorns so it will be a fair fight. Look for the post on Monday. - Jeff

  5. In my opinion the best figures for SYW are FR, Crusader and the early WF minis. Minden are very nice, too. But I also prefer the bigger style of the other manufacturers. The only thing I'm missing through all of that series is that the variety of figures is not as great as it is concerning the napoleonic aera. Within my armies I mix the figures of all three mentioned manufacturers but not within the same units.
    So you are going to have fun with those figures for sure.

  6. Fritz II - Your opinion is exactly what Michael and Ioannis told me. They also mentioned that Eureka Miniatures had a line that would work as well (Hanoverians as I recall... but I might be mistaken). You are correct that the Napoleonic era has way more to choose from, but it would appear that the SYW has a solid foundation to start from.

    From what I understand, early Foundry, Crusader and Eureka are pretty close to each other style-wise and could be used together in the same unit without too many people noticing. Front Rank depart from that enough so that they should be kept in their own units. I agree that all of those figures could be used in the same armies.

    - Jeff


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