Flames of War: Stripping Figures

In anticipation of doing the Flames of War PaK36 unit, I wanted to paint a few test figures to get my colors right.

I still had a number of Panzergrenadiers that were only primed in black (with the excellent Armory Black Primer). However, I was going to do these figures with a white undercoat, so they needed to be stripped. I tried to let them sit overnight with some Windex Multi-Purpose cleaner, but that didn't work at all.

I read online that someone had used a cleaner/degreaser made by Castrol and that it only took a few minutes. A quick look in my motorcycle cleaning bucket led to my decision to use Maxima Clean Up Multi-Purpose Degreaser. I put the figures in a glass jar, sprayed them and then scrubbed them with an old toothbrush after 10 minutes. The above photo shows how they turned out. Not bad at all for 20 minutes of total work! If I was going to be a perfectionist, I would respray them and/or let them sit in the degreaser for longer, but this was more than good enough for what I was planning on doing.

The job went very quickly. Note that I have no idea how this stuff will treat plastics. Also, if you use this stuff, use your head and wear gloves.


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