Diversion: Space Hulk - Genestealer Update

Work is progressing on the Genestealers, albeit slowly. I am almost halfway done with the 22 total that need to be painted. I chose to do them in the old-school style with purple and dark blue.

The line-highlighting takes a lot of time. But it is good practice. This post found in the excellent From the Warp blog does a nice job of explaining how to do it. As an aside, even though my first love is historical miniatures, the sci-fi and fantasy painters are the ones who are breaking new ground in the 28mm painting scene. Because they get to do so many different things like object source lighting, diaphanous clothing, etc. they get opportunities on a more frequent basis that historical painters don't.

Note for historical miniature fans: Don't panic! My next post will have some Flames of War figures in it.