Victrix Austrians - Wet with Dip

Here are the Austrians freshly dipped. I shook up the can vigorously and then, using a paintbrush that costs less than a dollar, dabbed the Army Painter Quickshade - Strong Tone onto the miniatures. They already look amazing... even without highlights.

The photos are a little blown out because I am using my phone as my regular Canon is away on vacation with my wife. A few things should be readily apparent even with the substandard picture:
  1. The shadows and creases are already picked out in amazing detail
  2. I put just enough dip on to coat the miniature without letting it pool anywhere
  3. The dip is still somewhat thick in the creases as it gathers to itself

I took a quick peek at them before I went to work this morning (about an hour after dipping) and in that time the Quickshade has already began shrinking into the creases. It is pretty neat how it does that. I'll shoot some more pictures when they are completely dry so that you can hopefully see how the dip contracts on itself, thereby further defining the recesses of the miniature.


  1. They look great!! The dip sure does make the figures come to life!

  2. Fantastic! Love how the dip "black lined" the areas around the straps. Saved a lot of time I'm sure. Best, Dean

  3. Does look good- not too brown! Well done.

  4. Yes, the dip is pretty neat! These Austrians are going to look great (I hope)!

    Thanks for commenting!

    - Jeff


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