Victrix Austrians - Ready for Dip

Here are two of the three Austrians that I quickly painted up after work today. Ignoring the two in the back, you can see that the ones in the foreground really don't need that much paint to get them ready for dipping. When I look at them at this stage I can't possibly see how they will look good when they are done. But that is the beauty of the base-dip-highlight technique. I am excited to see how they will turn out!

For those of you who are following along, here are the paints (Foundry) that I have used so far: Flesh B for skin, Black, Dusky Flesh B for the backpack, Slate Grey C for the blanket, Spearshaft for the gun stock, Ochre B for the crest plumage, Buff Leather A for the canteen, Spearshaft A for the bayonet scabbard, and a 1:1 mix of White and Sky Blue A for the facings.

I have had a few requests to see how much dip goes on when I brush it on the figure, so when I dip these figures I will take a picture of them when they are wet and then one the next day when they are dry.


  1. Oooh, I'm keen on seeing the results of the dip. Best, Dean

  2. Dean - I am going to try to photograph each stage so that everyone can see exactly how I did it. I am very pleased so far. Thanks for reading! - Jeff


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