Painting Box

I transitioned away from using my drafting table as my painting space and have instead been using it for its original purpose which is illustration. I realized that I was using most of the space for storage and that I was only painting on a very small surface. Then I thought, "How much space do I really need to get the job done?"

The answer is that I don't need that much at all! Here is the Painting Box in all of its glory. All of my other painting items (primer, sealer, varnish, tools, basing stuff, extra figures) are now stored in a closet in those amazingly useful Ziploc food storage tubs. I keep the items in my painting box handy and ready to go at a moment's notice. Since I have been working on the Space Hulk figures, that would include the GW pots of paint and inks, GW brushes, ceramic paint palette, two (emptied) Martinelli's Apple Juice jars for water, some primed figures, a few squares of paper towels and my magnification/reading glasses.

I like this minimalist approach to painting. I always want to purchase the next greatest paints, the newest brushes or the latest gadgets. This is a good reminder that I should spend less time looking at that stuff and more time keeping it simple: wet the brush, dab it in the paint, and then on the model. Repeat. More figures will get painted that way.