Perry Plastic French - Third Stand Completed

The third stand has been finished up! I am especially happy with the epaulet. I used a base of Deep Leather Brown B and then Ochre B. That was finished up with a dusting of gold metallic paint thinned to almost nothing to add a little shimmer to it. It looks like fabric that glints when the light hits it right, which is perfect.

This stand painted up quickly. It actually has been done for well over a week.

The unit is really coming together now. I am going to spend a few hours painting today on the Grenadier stand.


  1. Congrats, those are lovely looking figures, beautifully painted.


  2. Matt,

    Thanks a lot! Each stand that I finish looks better and better to me. I have not painted that many figures in the Foundry style, so I am still learning my way.

  3. Replies
    1. RM NV - Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it! I did some recent SYW Swiss in that Foundry style. Check them out here:

      - Jeff


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