Army Painter Dip - Ready for Dunking

In record time (for me) I have prepared these figures for dipping. It took me about three hours total painting time. If I had a medium gray primer it would have shaved some time, but I only had white and black. I wanted to see which undercoat would give a better result so four figures are undercoated white and one was done with black.

In order to really up the ante, I decided to not use my good Winsor Newton brushes either. I only used my Citadel Standard brush. I think that having a larger brush forced me to work faster, which was part of the reason to try this entire experiment.

All paint is by Foundry and most are the mid-tones. The actual dip will take place this Saturday during a Craft Day. I am very curious to see what they will look like after the Strong Tone has been applied.