Army Painter Dip - Post Dip

Here are the figures 24 hours after their dipping. I tried to follow David Imrie's advice to the letter by using Army Painter Strong Tone as well as brushing it on with a very light coat. That is really the key. You only need a little bit. Don't let it pool. When I was brushing it on it looked like it wasn't going to do anything. But as it dries it collects in the recesses and gives a nice shadow effect. I was pleasantly surprised when I came back a few hours later for a quick peek to notice the shadows forming.

The area under the lower lip looks particularly good as well as the detail around the fingers.

Now I will hit them with the quick highlights. I am planning on using my Citadel brush through the whole thing in order to prove to myself that you don't need the precision of a Series 7 brush to get very good results with the Army Painter Dip. I'll post pictures when I am done.