Army Painter Dip - Highlights Test

I did some test highlighting as well as some test shading. The left figures had "subtle" highlights while the right figure had "dramatic" highlights applied.

All received Foundry Terracotta 37C for the lower lip. The face was touched on the nose, cheeks and chin. That's it. On the subtle highlights I used the same colors that were the base coats. For the skin, that was Foundry Flesh 5B. For the dramatic highlights I used the 5C. Also, on the dramatic I hit the eyes with a wash of Games Workshop Devlan Mud.

I decided that the dramatic highlights and shading looked better than the subtle option. Up close it looks a little like clown paint, but these figures are not meant to be closely inspected. From a foot away the stronger change in tone really makes the figures pop. I went ahead and quickly applied the highlights to the rest of the figures. They have been based and the stand is drying overnight.


  1. Like the dramatic higlighting better as well. Will stand out better on the table. Cheers, Michael

  2. Yeah, I thought so too. In the picture it looks a little over-the-top, but in real life it works out better.

    Thanks for taking a look at my work!


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